The Black Chapel – Home Edition

One of my favorite and most brutal leg workouts, now updated to fuck you up from the comfort of your own home.

On paper, this actually doesn’t look too menacing.
But when you do it, you’ll quickly realise why it’s not to be fucked with.

The purpose of this workout is leg growth, pure and simple. Each of the exercises have a specific place and feed into the ones that follow. I’ll talk you through each one, what it does, why it’s there – and how to nail it.

Pay close attention to your technique.
Whilst you should be aiming to go hard, you shouldn’t allow yourself to lose form at any point.

Crank the playlist during your session and let’s fuck your legs up, shall we?!


A1 Negative rep hamstring sliders – 5 sets of 12: 4,2,1,0 tempo

This exercise not only wakes your hamstrings up like a sledgehammer to their face, but you also coordinate glutes and core, all of which need to work together to support a healthy spine and keep hip stability “on” as much as possible. 

This exercise may look easy, but you’ll find after the very first rep that it creates a sustained, focused burn from start to finish. The length of each set is also significant, so there’s plenty of time under tension here.

Lengthen your legs for 4 seconds, pause at the fully lengthened position for 2 seconds and push your heels into the floor HARD, curl up and raise your hips as hard and fast as you can, and commence the next rep without pausing. 


B1a 1 1/4 rep Bulgarian Split Squats – 3 sets, 2110 tempo


Unilateral quad and glute work, with some isometrics / high intensity methods on your last set.
This exercise is very specific to your quads and glutes, and creates a deep stretch in the trailing leg because of the rear foot position. The lower you can get, the better the glute stabilisation needed and the harder the exercise becomes.
Keep your torso as tall as possible. 
Every rep, pause for a little bit at the bottom, and at the 1 1/4 point, and go straight back into your next rep. Try not to rest at the top, you want to accumulate tension, so don’t shy away from it. 

On your final (3rd) set, add in a bilateral leg fucker-upper

B1b Bear squats – 20-30 reps, 2120 tempo

Yeah these look ridiculous, but you won’t be able to laugh for long because congratulations because NOW YOUR FUCKING LEGS ARE ON FIRE. 

C Leg & Ab tri-set

This is the final series of exercises, but it’s also the hardest. This not only ramps up the intensity but it also creates a bit of a cardio effect – your heart will be trying to burst out of your chest and you may fall over and shit yourself.

You’re going to do this tri-set three times, in the following manner.
Rest for up to 2-3 minutes in between, enough time to fully recover so you can give it 100%.

C1 Alternating curtsy lunges – 12 reps each side, tempo optional


Keep your hands on your head throughout so that you don’t end up swinging your arms and creating momentum / making it easier as you get tired, and maintain a steady pace. 

C2 Bodyweight leg extensions – 12 reps, 1-2 second contraction


Don’t worry if you don’t have a band, these are bad enough without one. Try to keep moving and don’t rest, and contract your quads hard for 1-2 seconds when your legs are fully lengthened.  

C3 Reverse crunch / leg raise superset – 12 reps, controlled tempo

With this exercise, keep your ribcage down by holding onto something behind your head, pulling your shoulders down towards your hips and bracing from your core through to your lats. You can do one of the two movements, or both – depending on how much energy you have left. 




So now that you’ve prayed at the Black Chapel, it’s time to crawl out.

If you try this workout, don’t fucking hold back. It’s not intended to be a nice, easy session – this is supposed to be TOUGH.

“Enjoyed” this workout?

Please share with your mates and/or anyone you dislike, and check out The Delt Strain if you need a bodyweight / band based home program that is just as intense as this workout. 

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