Deadlifts & Death Metal is not just a
monthly lifting event, it's a movement.

My passion has always been lifting heavy things and listening to heavy music. 

The two in isolation are therapy.

The two together are a movement. 

Deadlifts & Deathmetal brings together a tribe of people obsessed with the same thing - lifting heavy to heavy music. 

Every month we meet at Directional Strength for a guided lifting session with an extreme metal playlist befitting of the lifting and musical theme of the day.  

The sessions combine powerlifting, strength training and technical mastery of key lifts, with the burning intensity of bodybuilding styles which help you build and isolate muscle. 
It doesn't matter how heavy, how crushing, brutal or blasphemous your taste is - we will play it. 

Online Community, Newsletter & Monthly Gig Guides

Deadlifts & Deathmetal is also a burgoneing online newsletter featuring;
  • Interviews with metal musicians, metalhead physios, osteos and physical performance based experts (who lift)
  • Live footage of Melbourne gigs and an upcoming gig guide
  • Music, game and pub reviews
  • Nutrition, mobility, strength and fitness articles, and
  • A monthly workout coupled with a recommended metal playlist.

Join us in celebrating a love of all things heavy!!