Culinary Hyperversity


A 90 minute nutrition seminar which covers not only the science of fat loss and how to change your body composition, but how to overcome some of the common pitfalls you will face in implementing it.

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This is an evidence based, no bullshit nutrition seminar that will cover basic, but effective ways to structure your eating habits for health, body composition and fitness.
The aim for this seminar is to clarify common questions about nutrition including;
– how much to eat / how to set macros
– how to make healthy food faster & easier
– common nutritional strategies (IF, keto, carb cycling etc), who they are best suited for & when
– how to match your nutrition to your training
– what supplements you are wasting money on
– metalhead relevant questions like how to drink / party on the weekends and minimise the effect on your body composition etc
– lifestyle factors like lack of sleep, stress and poor eating habits and how they fuck up your diet and progress.
You will be well catered for in this seminar, as I’ll be giving specific advice / caveats based upon these diets and advice for those looking to reduce their meat and animal product consumption for ethical or environmental reasons.
If you choose to employ my services after the seminar, the cost of Culinary Hyperversity will be subsracted from your coaching costs.

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