DIRECTIONAL STRENGTH Coaching Education Results


Educating clients means putting health and lifestyle balance before physical changes; short-term changes result in short-term results. Therefore, clients are encouraged to learn that the mind and the body have to be working together for the body to change.

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Personal Training

With our client-centered personal training we guarantee you'll see results. We provide specialised programs catering to your goals, whether it's weight loss, bodybuilding, toning up, or just living a healthier lifestyle!

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Online Coaching & Nutrition

If your goal is to get stronger, change your body composition, build muscle or refine your diet, then online coaching can work for you! You will get personalised access to my knowledge + experience, supporting you on your quest to make incredible progress.

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Deadlifts & Death Metal

Deadlifts & Deathmetal brings together a tribe of people obsessed with the same thing – lifting heavy to heavy music. It doesn’t matter how heavy, how crushing, brutal or blasphemous your taste is – we will play it!

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