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I've seen and done it all.

Fad and restrictive diets, 700 calories and 3 hours of training per day, exercise and nutrition as punishment, restrictive diets, hating and starving my body, thinking that if my body just looked better, I would be happy.

None of this works.
None of this is true. 

Focusing on how your body looks CAUSES more problems than it solves.

Direction, strength and performance are the key to true progress. 
Strength is not just physical. It's a state of mind. 
It's the ability to do things on a daily basis no matter how motivated you are.

It's adopting habits that aren't easy, but pay off in the long run.

Strength is about being confident, comfortable within yourself and knowing what you want in life.

It's knowing that no matter what gets in your way, no matter how long it takes, no matter what you challenges you will face, no matter how many times you fall - you will get up again and you will get there.

The gym is where we build character, not just muscle.

There is nothing quite like training to remind yourself what you're truly capable of, because in order to become a better version of yourself you have to learn to stop listening to your inner critic.

Instead, you have to start believing that you are worthy of success, while pushing yourself to higher and higher levels to reach it. 

Train like an athlete, with a goal, a vision and a plan - and you'll not only learn what you're truly capable, but your body will follow. 

Qualifications & Education

  • 12+ years experience in Personal Training & Small Group coaching
  • ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialisation
  • Advanced Coaching Academy Applied Nutrition & Supplementation
  • Lower Back & Shoulder Rehabilitation
  • Daily study of Anatomy, Biomechanics & Nutrition
  • First Aid & CPR

Interests and Specialisations

  • Powerlifting and Sports Specific performance training
  • Sports Nutrition for Powerlifting, MMA, CrossFit and Spartan Athletes
  • Mass Gain and Body Recomposition
  • Rehabilitation and postural adjustments
  • Bodybuilding (previous)

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I'm passionate about

  • Sustainable, enjoyable nutrition and training approaches
  • Heavy metal and extreme music
  • Cooking and recipe creation