Founder of Directional Strength / Deadlifts & Deathmetal


NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
12 Years Experience in PT / Strength & Conditioning
ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialisation
ACA Advanced Nutrition & Supplementation
Muscle Nerds Foundations
Muscle Nerds Program Design
Muscle Nerds Nutrition
Strength System International Cert Level 1 & 2
Precision Nutrition
Insured as Powerlifting / Advanced lifting coach

Injury prevention & programming for rehabilitation (alongside allied health professionals)
Sports specific nutrition applications & body recomposition
Sports specific strength & conditioning
Female fat loss, mindset & body image
Empathetic coaching for those with body dysmorphia, disordered eating and exercise habits (alongside allied health professionals)
Nutrition and training education for both athletes and general populations
Mindset coaching, behavioral change and motivation for healthy living
Public speaking, nutrition seminars and corporate health programs

Competitive bodybuilding and powerlifting 

I used to think of healthy eating and exercise very differently.

It was a means to one end and one end only - looking leaner. 

But after years of emotional and disordered eating, body dysmorphia and the process of constantly, relentlessly tearing myself apart about how I looked - I made the decision to stop the cycle. 

Instead of exercise and diet as a way to control my body, I now look at it as a way to see what it's capable of and as a way to maintain a quality of life and a level of self respect, strength and resilience.  We ALL have perceived flaws, things we  could improve or things we would like to change about our body - but I won't waste another minute, hour or day of my life obsessing about it. 

I'd much rather celebrate my body and have some fun, than to keep tearing myself apart and teaching my clients that the way they look is more important than how they FEEL. 

My createst gift to you as your PT, is the feeling of being strong and capable. 

You'll be too busy celebrating what your body is capable of, to give any fucks at all about your perceived "flaws." 

Life is too fucking hard, and too fucking short to spend it being your own worst enemy.

After 12+ years of being a PT, I wanted to take my business in a new direction 

Instead of coaching fitness and figure competitors, I wanted to help everyday people feel more confident, express their physical and mental strengths and to jump off the rollercoaster of self-depreciating comments, feelings and behaviours that come from using exercise and diet as a tool just to lose weight / get leaner etc. 

I wanted to train the people I relate to the most....

People who love blast beats, windmilling, going out on the weekends, catching up with friends for beers and moshing so hard their necks couldn't support the weight of their skulls the next day.  

Both heavy metal and resistance training have something in common

It's a primal, powerful force for change in our lives. It's a way to unwind after a long day, a way to vent and a way to connect with other people in a healthy, non destructive way. 

That feeling you get when you're about to lift a weight that's heavy as fuck to a song which is captivating you, mind, body and soul - that cannot be surpassed. Nothing comes even close to this. 

Deadlifts & Deathmetal is definitely not just a gimmick

Combining the two things I love the most and sharing them with people of like mind creates a community where not only do we get to become more resilient and powerful human beings by looking after ourselves better, but at the same time we  get to support the local music industry. 

Not only that, but at Directional Strength / Deadlifts and Deathmetal you get the BEST fucking coaching possible. After so long as a PT, after making so many mistakes both personally and professionally, I can honestly attest that you'll be able to reap the benefits of my continual learning, self study and dedication to my professional education.