Level up your nutrition advice and reach your goals!


I've been a sports nutrition specialist and personal trainer for over twelve years...

...and in that time I've coached literally hundreds of people, ranging from bodybuilders, to powerlifters, ultra marathon runners and rugby players.

But by far and away the group I get most excited to train and to educate - are normal people

...and normal people have had some TERRIBLE nutrition advice

Have you tried...

  • Cutting out carbs, fats, gluten and dairy?

  • Dropping weight as quickly as possible, only to put it back on and more?

  • Using complicated programs and restrictions which are impossible to stick to?

  • Eating as little as possible, only to binge when you get hungry?

  • You'll find none of that shit here.

The problem with most diet advice, is that it isn't sustainable. 

The most common rhetoric we hear about dieting is that some foods are "bad," and some foods are "good."

But neither is true.
There are no good or bad foods.

There are just foods that are productive and should be eaten in large quantities. Vegetables, protein, fibre, nutrients.
These are the kinds of foods that should be filling up our plates. 

And whilst there are foods that may not be as productive for our health when eaten in large quantities, but we can still eat without feeling guilt.


This program not only teaches you how to eat for body composition, health and balance FOR LIFE - but it does so...

  • including all of the foods you love

  • removing no food groups or food types

  • not restricting you from enjoying meals out of the house

  • encouraging YOU to choose what YOU want to eat, and giving you the education necessary to do it FOR LIFE

  • It's based on REAL science, years of experience and a genuine concern for your ongoing results and physical and emotional wellbeing.


Challenges have a set start and end point.
The Primer is not a "challenge", because it's not something you will stop doing.

The thought of changing our bodies is pretty exciting - losing weight, fitting into your old wardrobe, getting more confident and feeling sexy, who doesn’t want that?! That’s why 12 week challenges are so popular, because they capitalise upon that excitement.

Whilst you’ll see some great results initially and may even lose a few kilos in the first few days (from a drop in water weight from not eating carbs!), after about week 3 or 4 you’ll get bored, tired and feel over-trained and underfed. 

Even though you’ll be looking amazing, friends will be telling you how impressed they are with your “willpower” and you’ll be getting compliments constantly – you’re tired. You can’t sleep as well as you once did.
You’re hungry.
You’re cold all the time for some reason.
You feel guilty when you have to buy a meal because your day was too busy to food prep, and now you’re starting to crave more and more sugar.
You might be getting lightheaded and forgetful and you can’t focus on your work quite like you used to.

Once the 12 weeks or the diet is up, the same excitement you felt at the beginning will be felt again, but for a different reason. Now you get to eat all your favourite foods again!

A couple of weeks later, most of the weight you lost has been put back on if you’re lucky, and if you’re not - you’re heavier than you were before.


Meal plans don't teach you to THINK. They teach you to follow.

I know from experience working with hundreds of clients that meals plans create more problems than they solve.

Meal plans are written with the author's food preferences in mind, not yours. There's no flexibility, you can't make them your own. And if you don't have what the meal plan requires on hand - then you've "broken" your diet. What about social events, holidays and unexpected events - how do you follow your meal plan then?
"I did well the first week and then festivities came about with birthdays and the like. Despite not being able to follow as well as I liked, I made the best choices I could and still managed to lose a kilo, 4cms off my waist, 5 off my hips and 7cms off my navel in the first 2 weeks."
- Fathma Nachiar


I want you to be able to manage portions and meal planning ON YOUR OWN.

Although counting calories is a good way to learn about how much of certain macros you might be eating, but it uses a lot of mental energy and still involves guesswork when you can't find certain foods online or when you want to eat food out of the house.



Do you struggle with an "all or nothing" mindset?

You will find no restrictions here.

Restrictive diets lead to cravings, which lead to binging, which leads to purging, which leads to shame. We can stop this shame spiral dead in its tracks when we have the information we need, the motivation to change and a group of individuals supporting us.

All photos on this page are of recipes which you can enjoy on The Primer, such as this high protein chocolate mousse!

"This is the least restrictive diet I have ever done"

- Fliq Valentina



By starving yourself, you lose water, carbs and muscle. NOT fat.

There's no point to losing weight if most of your weight lost was everything except for the body fat you wanted to lose in the first place.

The Primer teaches you to eat the right food, at the right times, in the right portions. And if you increase your activity levels, The Primer encourages you to eat MORE.

"The Primer teaches you to eat the right food, at the right times, in the right portions. And if you increase your activity levels, The Primer encourages you to eat MORE."

- Beth Quinlivan


It doesn't matter if you’re allergic to specific foods, have ethical considerations or a list of foods you won’t eat because they’re yuck - because YOU choose what you eat.

You simply follow the guidelines for portion sizes and foods that are protein, carb and fat - and then you put your own meals together.



It helps you make informed choices about what to eat, how much and when - but gives you the freedom to create your own meals.

  • It helps you to understand what a protein, carb and fat portion is and how much of each to eat without tracking macros.

  • It allows you to look at a meal and understand it's place in the greater context of your diet.

  • It allows you to learn when you should increase your meal intake, and how to know when you need MORE food, not less.

  • It's based on REAL science, years of experience and a genuine concern for your ongoing results and physical and emotional wellbeing.



For $49 you’ll get...

  • A copy of The Primer eating guide, complete with an explanation of the approach and WHY it works, a food list, meal IDEAS (again, not a meal plan, just examples) and frequently asked questions section, and

  • Lifetime access to the dedicated Primer forum where you can ask me questions (directly!), see recipe guides and meal ideas from other Primers, get feedback on any changes you may need to make to the approach and get ongoing support by fellow nutrition buffs.



What qualifications, experience and knowledge do I have to help you?

I’ve been a strength & conditioning and nutrition coach for over 12 years and have trained HUNDREDS of clients.
  • ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialisation

  • ACA Advanced Nutrition & Supplementation

  • Muscle Nerds Foundations

  • Muscle Nerds Program Design

  • Muscle Nerds Nutrition

  • Strength System International Cert Level 1 & 2

  • Precision Nutrition


Sports specific nutrition applications & body recomposition

Sports specific strength & conditioning

Female fat loss, mindset & body image

Coaching for athletes & general populations with body dysmorphia, disordered eating and exercise habits

Nutrition and training education for both athletes and general populations

Mindset coaching, behavioral change and motivation for healthy living

Public speaking, nutrition seminars and corporate health programs

Competitive bodybuilding and powerlifting


“I'm sticking to this program for life I enjoy it and it has absolutely exceeded my expectations!

- Steffie

“This program was engaging the whole way through, I now know when to eat carbs and when not to and would absolutely recommend this program to others.”

- Britt

“Learning the timing of macros was something I hadn’t done before and I definitely noticed the difference it made!”

- Lauren