Deadlifts and Death Metal

metal themed classes & semi private sessions

- classes -

Come down for a metal themed class every Monday from 6.30 to 7pm for just a tenner!
There's no booking necessary for the Monday class, just rock up and pay via EFT on the day.
Please note that if you are not a member of Athletique,
$10 casual entry to the gym is also required.

Semi Private Personal Training

Casual and Unlimited options available Tues through Sat

The sessions combine powerlifting, strength training and technical mastery of key lifts, with the burning intensity of bodybuilding styles which help you recruit and build muscle.

Under close supervision and with no more than 4 people in each class, you'll get advanced coaching with the option of bundling together unlimited classes and tailored programming.

With up to 7 sessions available each week, and many more to be added as classes book out, it's a great option for more frequent training under a coaches' guidance, but without the price tag of a 1on1.

For more information, contact Elissa using our online coaching enquiry form.

Deadlifts & Death Metal

Small Group PT Sessions


Join us in celebrating a love of all things heavy!!

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Deadlifts & Deathmetal is also a burgoneing online newsletter featuring;

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