Diet Fetus




12 week challenges, weight loss challenges etc are seriously overdone and often harmful AF.
Step 1: Semi starve a bunch of people
Step 2: Take incredible before and after photos but ignore the fact that no one can keep this going sustainably
Step 3: Share “transformation” photos with better lighting and flexed abs, then profit.

Unlike shitty gyms who do this shit, we’re gonna do something different.

Diet Fetus is a 6 week nutrition challenge that is NOT based upon a physical outcome, ie body weight or body fat reduction, we will not be taking before and after photos, basing success on a change in body weight or promoting fads and harmful dieting practices for our own gain.

Instead, for 6 weeks you outline just THREE things, habits or tasks you’re going to do. They MUST be specific and must be something you can reasonably do on a daily basis. For example, instead of “I am going to lose 6kg” or “I will eat healthier” you might say
– I am going to hit *protein goal* every day
– I am going to hit *calorie goal* every day
– I will eat 20/30/40g of protein at each meal
– I will eat at least 3 different serves of veggies every day
– I will bring my own food to work four times a week, or
– I will stop going to the sushi train at Northland five times a week.

(Yeah, that last one is mine. Why… WHY do I find tiny food on a conveyor belt so fucken appealing?! Haha.)

The 6 weeks starts on the 15th of Jan, entry is 50 bucks and includes a 15m phone chat where we will set out your 3 tasks, plus ongoing support in my client FB group.

Half of all entry fees will go to a prize pool for the winner to take all at the end of Diet Fetus.