Reading Biofeedback

We all know, or have been, that person that slashes their calories (and carbs) stupidly low, then embarks on hours of cardio every day, with lifting on top.

For the first couple of weeks you might feel good (hello adrenalin), see dramatic fat loss and believe you’re on the fast track to looking jacked and lean for life.

Then all of a sudden, you’re farting like Satan is inside your anus and trying to escape.
You can’t eat anything without blowing up and looking 6 months pregnant.
You can’t sleep longer than two hours at a time, and you feel most alert when you should be asleep. 
You rely on caffeiene to keep yourself alert, and you can’t focus on anything.
You have dropped a lot of scale weight but you don’t look any leaner, and you can’t get a pump if your life depended on it, and
As soon as you start eating normally again, you seem to accumulate bodyfat and weight overnight.